MITERS is a member-run project space and machine shop on MIT’s campus. We provide the MIT community with the tools, knowledge, and space needed to make their projects come to fruition. In addition, we have a vibrant community of students and alumni who are happy to answer questions, teach new users how to user our tools, or just hang out.  Check out our new MITERS Journal to see some of our recent projects!

Interesting in using our facilities, or (even better!) helping operate the shop? Check out the membership page for more info, or the equipment page to see what we offer. Looking for help on something in particular? Our members are happy to answer your questions. We are open to all MIT affiliates; feel free to stop by and visit if you are not an MIT affiliate, or check out some of the recent projects we’ve worked on.

Location & Hours

We are located in N52-115, in the same building as the MIT museum. Check the calendar below for open hours and events. See if anyone’s in with the MITERS door chart at the top of this page. Feel free to give us a call at (617) 253-2060.


We are part of the Edgerton Center, a group which supports hands-on student activities at MIT. In addition to providing the oversight and infrastructure needed to make MITERS happen, the Edgerton Center also supports student clubs and teams with work space, funding, and access to a state-of-the-art CNC shop.

Project Manus is a campus-wide endeavor to modernize makerspaces and create new ones, as well as provide the administrative infrastructure needed to make such spaces possible and assist other universities in doing the same. We receive support in the form of equipment, promotion, and campus-wide resources from Project Manus.

Swapfest is an electronics flea market run by MITERS and the Harvard and MIT radio societies; the portion of the admissions we earn provides baseline funding for the space.

Kitty Hawk is a flying car startup employing several MITERS alums. We have received support in the form of parts and equipment from them.

Hobby Creek LLC is a vendor of innovative helping hands and other soldering accessories. We have received equipment donations from them.