human seg-testing

A recent study performed at the MIT Electronics Research Society revealed that computer control is indeed nonessential to balancing or “segging” on a two wheeled platform.

Photodump, March 2013

a photodump of happenings at MITERS lately

we cleaned.

a lot. (you can’t tell really tell it now. people, clean up after yourselves!)

we even threw stuff away!

we fixed the “MIT Sloan School phone” that people can use to call MITERS to be let in after daylight hours

(well, as of 1 april 2013 it broke again and is super quiet… if you amplify it up to be audible you also get a lot of buzzing noise. to be fixed)


also there was yurt building

it disassembles into something amazingly small and portable

that’s all. oh, by the way, the future is going to be awesome.