What is the MIT Electronics Research Society (MITERS)?

Originally founded as a club to give MIT students free and open access to computers, MITERS now features two manual mills, a CNC-Mill, a lathe, band saws, 3d printers, and other hands-on tools, in addition to a host of oscilliscopes, high-end soldering irons, and other EE prototyping tools. It's a member-run creative haven and build-anything-you-want, if-you-break-it-fix-it space.

We're MIT's only student-run shop and we're funded entirely through a portion of proceedings from Swapfest, the MIT Electronics Flea Market.

Contact and Visiting

Interested? Join our mailing list at miters@mit.edu. We are located in building N52, right behind the MIT Museum.

If you are not an MIT person, send us an email and tell us about about yourself, how you heard about MITERS and what involvement you would like to have. MITERS is an MIT student club, but we do enjoy the company of others! We do not necessarily consider our selves to be a public hackerspace, but we are always happy to chat and hack with anyone and everyone.

We are open everyday of the week, and we host build parties on Fridays at 7 pm (running past midnight). Feel free to pop in and say hi!

Not sure when we're open? Call (617) 253-2060 to find out or check out our twitter page for MITERS DOOR Status. We're open nearly 24/7!

Our mailing address is:
265 Massachusetts Ave, Room N52-115
Cambridge, MA 02139


What have MITERS people gone on to do or have done or are doing?

Alan Wu, secretly a MITERS historian, brain dumps for us some notable alumni:

"MIT Nerds", a major article on MIT student culture, including MITERS members; well worth reading for a view of MIT from the outside world: Discover magazine, June 2005. Read more.

Richard "Dick" Eckhardt '74 (one of the original founding members of MITERS) Dick does consulting in Arlington MA. Read more.

ECD Corporation history (ECD was probably the first MITERS spinoff company) Read more.

  • ECD-100 C-meter (an innovative breakthrough instrument; the currently-sold "BK Precision 830B" is directly descended from this original design)
  • ECD Micromind advanced personal computer, the success/failure that killed ECD. Read more.

Jordin Kare '78 Physicist and Aerospace Engineer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordin_Kare) Latest hack, a laser zapper appliance that shoots the wings(!) off mosquitoes, featured at a recent TED conference (http://pulse2.com/category/dr-jordin-kare/)

Tim Anderson (Z Corp) Short history of Tim and ZCorp (http://www.progressiveengineer.com/PEWebBackissues2002/PEWeb%2033%20Dec%2002-2/Anders.htm) Tim’s homepage at MIT (http://stuff.mit.edu/people/robot/home.html) NPR story (http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=111851629)

Limor Fried ’03 (I can separately forward an old email with more pointers, if asked) Open Source Software and Hardware Design Interesting hacks, art, DIY projects (http://ladyada.net)

Robert Moffatt ’09 Wireless power transmission (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/06/070607171130.htm)

http://cam.ly/, IP security camera company, Rhett Creighton

http://olopede.com/, Josh Gordonson



MITERS is an MIT student club -- our space is small and we're student-focused. If you're looking for a workspace and/or to hang out with cool people, please check out these awesome local hackerspaces meant for public memberships:

  • Sprout, the community education experiment (not a hackerspace)
  • ArtisansAsylum, a much larger space with a larger range of tools than us
  • dorkbotboston
  • partsandcrafts.org
  • hackerspaces.org/wiki/Boston

However, you are definitely welcome to visit and get to know us during build parties (Fridays at 7pm). You're also welcome to visit anytime; we're open nearly everyday of the week! However, it would still be a good idea to call (617) 253-2060 and confirm that someone is there.

We're nerdy people very involved in our projects and sometimes we forget to say hi when people walk in the door -- don't be shy, introduce yourself and how you got here, and if you want to hear about MITERS / our projects, we'll be happy to talk your ear off.

Do you take donations of __?

It depends; email us and see.

Do you get any funding from MIT departments?

No, we maintain independence and are self-funded by helping staff Swapfest, without which we wouldn't exist. Please support us by visiting Swapfest! MIT's Electronic Flea Market is held the 3rd Sunday of each month, April through October, at MIT's Albany Street Garage on Albany St. between Main Streets and Mass Ave in Cambridge. The gate opens for buyers at 9am and Swapfest and ends at 2pm. There is a small admission fee. Read more.

Tools and Equipment

This is a quick list of tools and equipment that MITERS currently has. We will try to keep the list up-to-date and share our knowledge of how to properly use them.

As a member of the club, you should take good care of all tools and equipment. Spend some time putting them back in their drawers or where they belong. Also, remember to clean the area where you were working, so your fellow members can use it later.

Happy building!



Horizontal bandsaw

Vertical bandsaw

Drill press and Mill with digital readout (not CNC)

Newly Aquired CNC Mill (with fourth axis!)

Sanders and Grinders