Speed Soldering @ MITERS


hmm, a lot of snow happened

fan sled?


ski EV bike -> motor fire :(


and ski scooter… video from recent blizzard sometime soon, in the meantime:


Tundra Mode from Dane Kouttron on Vimeo.



here are some green things growing at MITERS


mung bean sprouts!



mango trees! they were doing well until we moved them up there (because the mice were nesting in them) and now we keep forgetting to water them :/ they’re… two years old at this point?



oops just kidding, that last one isn’t growing, it’s just drying. it is green though.



Screenshot from 2015-01-21 22:30:59














over six months!

six months without a blog post. well, here are some pictures of MITERS



here is a wheel being drilled into by an A123 powered drill



a tire crown was made




recent cruft: steering wheel with airbag inside

will it be refound in 10 years?

let us know


Silvia Lindtner: Studying Maker Culture in China

Recorded on March 19 at Xin Che Jian, Shanghai. Interview by Matthew Berggren. Silvia Lindtner is currently researching the Maker Culture in China. She sat d...


Machining a propeller on the MITERS DYNA-MYTE!


CNC Machining A Propeller

billet to propeller converter, some floppies required!


Lots of stuff has happened!


A Honk band came to visit.




We had a meeting!



We went to Maker Faire! Lots of electric vehicles arrived:


It was raining so we set up a tarp.



Also we tried to fly kits but it was too crowded to fly them for long.


Cappie and Sheep made t-shirts. It was possibly their first project at MITERS.



There was carbon-fiber epoxy shenanigans!



Okay other members of MITERS! Go forth and blog!



Greetings everyone!

With the semester almost ending, I’m glad that my second DRSS-Tesla Coil is finally done! DRSSTC 2 began almost a year ago with the goal of making my first tesla coil using brick-style IGBTs.

Tesla Coil 2

DRSSTC makes 4 feet of sparks look easy, in MITERS

First Version

The project began when I bought two Toshiba IGBT half-bridge modules on ebay, good for 150A 600V. The original plan was to build a compact and powerful DRSSTC running this full bridge, with about a foot long secondary. The coil also uses a revised version of Steve Ward’s UD2 as the driver. After many months of work, I finally got everything put together. Unfortunately, initial tests were worrying, and I soon found out that one of my IGBTs was half-dead. With the lack of time and money, I wasn’t able to continue with these bricks.

Revision 2

I managed to get hold of a CM200DU-24F 200A 1200V IGBT and decided to make a half-bridge coil instead. The CM200 bricks are larger, so I wasn’t able to fit a fullbridge inside the box I had already made. Finally, this worked perfectly and everything came together.


– CM200 Half Bridge
– 208VAC input (2 leads from 3 Phase, though the coil was designed for 240VAC operation)
– 13″ x 3.5″Secondary, ~2000 turns
– 16″ x 4″ Toroid (I want to get a spun one someday)

Video of the coil in action!

For more information, please visit www.loneoceans.com/labs/ – writeup with full details in progress!


It's been five months, and MITERS' facebook page lies latent. This is more than just another good cause. This is an Engineer's cause. This is a human cause. This is a MITERS alum, halfway around the globe, calling for backup!

VIT girls could really use some MIT power. I know it may sound absurd, but at this moment in history, a few MIT students can make a HUGE difference simply by sharing this on their fb timelines.

Nancy, Jordan, Emily.....MITERS..... help.


Stop Gender Discrimination In VIT
WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A WOMAN AT VIT UNIVERSITY – GENDER DISCRIMINATION CONTINUES! I am a woman studying at VIT University. Since I was born with a vagina instead of a penis, I must be subjected to humiliating discrimination at the hands of India’s ” best” private engineering institution. I am being jailed inside the campus during exams. I can’t even go across the street to buy fruits. There are no such trumped up rules for guys. They are treated like adults. But women are treated like scummy dim-witted fools who can’t be trusted. I am not a girl, but a woman. The reason they have bothered to give us is that it is exams and we should be studying. Why is it only the girls who need to be studying? Why aren’t guys being confined inside the campus too if the actual reason is studying. Are girls just plain dumb. I score more than most guys in my class. But no, it is me who needs to be jailed so that I can study. I am not a girl, but a woman. Most of the drug and alcohol problems in the campus are because of the guys, but it is only the girls who are subjected to humiliating rules. Why? Isn’t it because they know that they can’t control guys like they can control girls? Isn’t it because girls are more mellow and willing to listen? Yes, we are indeed being rewarded for being good. I am not a girl, but a woman. Don’t they realize that women will one day overcome the fear which rules this place and speak out for themselves. Even Hitler’s dictatorship was challenged by those who he ruled. And they had to pay a much higher price than suspension or expulsion from University. Understand this now, and understand it well. My honor and modesty is none of anybody’s damned business. I am not a girl, but a woman. We were promised in January that our voices will be heard. They promised they won’t do this again. And yet here we are, back to square one. Should we still have faith in what they promise us? Increasing the weekend curfew time from six to eight is not enough to buy our souls and freedom. I risk a lot when I try to speak against this. But it is unbearable. My blood boils when I see my fellow students being subjected to this kind of discrimination. And they are being forced to keep quiet because, hey, they can expel us and ruin our careers if we don’t act like cattle and speak up for ourselves. Self Respect is too great a price to pay for a career. I am not a girl, but a woman. I request anyone who believes in gender equality to share this article and spread awareness. People need to learn to stand up for what they believe in. We are not girls, but women.