Last week, a few members of the Georgia Tech Invention Studio (a.k.a Bizarro World MITERS) came to visit MIT and to cross-spread the love good word engineering lunacy. This is the result.




Quadrotor vs. Tesla Coil

Quadrotor: http://www.etotheipiplusone.net/?cat=87

Tesla Coil: http://xellers.wordpress.com/tesla-coils/


Oh Harbor Freight


Come inspire us with cool projects :) Our semesterly showcase / open house is today:

MITERS End of Every Term Research Showcase is Friday (today!) starting at 6pm and running until 10 (people will be there until dawn, of course).

Hosted by the MIT Electronics Research Society (MITERS)
Friday *Dec 16th, 6-10pm*, at MITERS *N52-115* (by the MIT Museum)
- google maps: http://tinyurl.com/6om8578 || phone: (617) 253-2060

What is it?
- – you bring *cool projects *you made this term
- – you look at other cool projects that other people made this term
- – you make new friends (if you want to)
- – you eat* free* *food*!!!

6 to 7 ~ Meet people / order food
7 to 9 ~ Lightning talks. five to fifteen minutes by each maker about what
they’re working on
9 to 9.5 ~ Dinner / talk to people
9.5 to 10 ~ Reconvene, ask any questions relevant to everyone
10 ~ Group photo

This year MEETERS will include projects such as musical tesla coils / hat
coil, induction heater, bike generators, giant and medium and small
quadrotors/tricopters, hexarideablepod and hexawalkingpod, segboard,
direct-to-pcb-laserprinter, diy motors (transverse? hub? BIG?), scooters.
Some of these will even be working nonlethal demos!

MITERS is a student-run maker space where members of the MIT community are
invited to come and make awesome things. Come check out all these awesome
projects and get some ideas flowing for a project of your own!

What is MITERS? Watch the documentary about us:


If your project has special requirements, or you can be bothered to RSVP,
please let people know via the list miters-keyholders at the obivous, our-friendly-institvte.edu. Thanks!

some footnotes
*including nyancake and nyantarts, of course. Nyanjello might appear too…

** impromptu talks may happen after 10 pm, if lots of people are interested
in something (how to etch circuits? how to use arduinos?).

Debates about the relationship between makerspaces and startups, open
source hardware / software business models and case studies, internet noise
and the optimal level of documentation, will happen if I’m still alive.



Just chilling and hanging out!

Figuring things out!

Precision engine installation?!


Basically, everything happens at miters. Come be a part of it!


Hi friends!

I want to figure out if awesome people (yes, all of you) being intimidated away from MITERS is a common phenomenon so I made a form consisting of the following questions. You can email me or be anonymous and use the form :D
Were you ever intimidated by MITERS?
Year of Graduation
major or minor or w/e
The individual responses (not aggregated) will only be viewed by me, I may quote things to keyholders unless you explicitly state it’s a private response  -^-^-

Nancy gives a lecture on how to github:

It’s nail painting night at MITERS!

nancy edits on 2 dec 2011:

for reference, I talked (actually mostly I evangelized open source hardware and mentioned rise of EE but not really meche-oriented version control, then most people already knew how to use git & github) about:

  • upverter, solderpad, circuitbee, openhardwarehub (http://orangenarwhals.blogspot.com/2011/11/hardware-sharing-versioning-recent.html)
  • github.com, help.github.com, pro git http://progit.org/book/, libraries.mit.edu/get/safari (then search for git, or embedded hardware, etc.)
  • http://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?page_id=1927 (his made in china series is interesting too)
  • Here is the video which I decided not to hunt for during the talk: Open source hardware $1m and beyond – foo camp east 2010 by adafruit industries 2 years ago http://vimeo.com/11407341


What madness has Tyler been up to lately?



Your First MITERS Project Is?

You have to start building somewhere, so MITERS frosh Walter came by this past week to add a sound system to his bike!

It doesn’t have to be complicated, spectacular, or outlandish to be built at MITERS!