The semesterly MITERS End-of-Every-Term Research Showcase (MEETERS) was tonight! About 20 to 25 people were in attendance throughout the night, projects were demonstrated and presented, and pizza was had by all.

Seminar Night at MITERS

Nancy gives a lecture on how to github:

It’s nail painting night at MITERS!

nancy edits on 2 dec 2011:

for reference, I talked (actually mostly I evangelized open source hardware and mentioned rise of EE but not really meche-oriented version control, then most people already knew how to use git & github) about:

  • upverter, solderpad, circuitbee, openhardwarehub¬†(
  •,, pro git, (then search for git, or embedded hardware, etc.)
  • (his made in china series is interesting too)
  • Here is the video which I decided not to hunt for during the talk: Open source hardware $1m and beyond – foo camp east 2010 by adafruit industries 2 years ago¬†


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