Contact & Visiting

Yay visitors! Please come visit us.

Call us at (617) 253-2060 any time to see if we’re open.

MITERS Mailing List: Click here

If you would like to subscribe to the mailing list and are an MIT affiliate with a kerberos name and password or web certificates, add yourself  to the mit-ers list here.

If you are not an MIT person, send us an email and tell us a bit about yourself, how you heard about MITERS and what involvement you would like to have. MITERS is an MIT student club, but we do enjoy the company of others! We do not necessarily consider ourselves a public hackerspace, but we are always happy to chat and hack with anyone and everyone.

Be forewarned that it’s a decently high-traffic list and often populated with links to amazing and time-sucking parts of the internet.

Physical Mail:  265 Massachusetts Ave, Room N52-115, Cambridge, MA

MITERS Hours of Operation:
MITERS has no specific hours of operation. A large group of us are what we call keyholders and we hold hours. We inform others of our keyholding primarily through our mailing list (add yourself as a subscriber here) or through Twitter. We are open more often than not, especially during the summer — call us since we often forget to officially keyhold.

Build parties are Fridays at 7 pm (running until past midnight), that’s an excellent time to drop in and say hi!

Physical Directions:
MITERS is located in room 115 of MIT’s N52 building in Cambridge, MA, U.S.A. This is right behind the MIT Museum.

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