What have MITERs people gone on to do or have done or are doing?

Alan Wu, secretly a MITERS historian, brain dumps for us some notable alumni:

“MIT Nerds”, a major article on MIT student culture, including MITERS
members;  well worth reading for a view of MIT from the outside world:
Discover magazine, June 2005 (

Richard “Dick” Eckhardt ’74 (one of the original founding members of MITERS)

Dick does consulting in Arlington MA (
ECD Corporation history (ECD was probably the first MITERS spinoff company)
ECD-100 C-meter (an innovative breakthrough instrument;  the
currently-sold “BK Precision 830B” is directly descended from this
original design)
ECD Micromind advanced personal computer, the success/failure that
killed ECD (

Jordin Kare ’78
Physicist and Aerospace Engineer (
Latest hack, a laser zapper appliance that shoots the wings(!) off
mosquitoes, featured at a recent TED conference

Tim Anderson (Z Corp)
Short history of Tim and ZCorp
Tim’s homepage at MIT (
NPR story (

Limor Fried ’03
adafruit, Open Source Software and Hardware Design
Interesting hacks, art, DIY projects

Robert Moffatt ’09
Wireless power transmission

Oh and some companies that have ties to MITERS:
SquidLabs, Instructables.comMakani Power, IP security camera company, Rhett Creighton, Josh Gordonson

Grazeful Living, an interactive directory of farmers’ markets and other resources for those interested in local sustainable agriculture. Steven Cooke

Otherlab and Other Machine Co.,  Saul Griffith, Danielle Applestone

oneTesla, musical tesla coil kits.  Heidi Baumgartner, Bayley Wang

narwhalEdu, an introduction to engineering course, featuring a drawing robot arm kit. Nancy Ouyang

Solar Pocket Factory, tabletop machine that makes solar panels automatically and tinypipes which provides solar power to  homes well off the beaten path. Alex Hornstein

Equals Zero Designs, stuff your robot didn’t know it needed. Charles Guan

Monkey Electric, a bike light that is also a cutting edge digital art platform. Dan Goldwater

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