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MITERS Fall 2012 Seminar Series
Fridays 8 to 9 pm
Meet at N52-115 (MITERS)

Update 9/19/2012 5:44 pm

The next four sessions are virtual (solidworks and eagle seminars) so as long as we know roughly how many people are coming, we should be able to find space and a projector. If too many people RSVP and don't come and we have giant mostly empty rooms, we'll start implementing some penalty for not showing up or other solution.

After that, when the physical microcontroller / PCB sessions start up again, semester will be in full swing and we're expecting demand to drop sharply as people realize that they're spending lots of time on something that's not for credit on a Friday night. Hopefully to less than thirty people. If that's not the case, well, we'll see! It'll be a grand experiment.

Sorry for the crazy logistics and glad to see so many people interested in building things!

End update.

All majors welcome.

Dates and topics follow (dates where there are no seminars are indicated in italics).
All subject to flux. Check back often for updates or subscribe to the seminar mailing list.

Summaries, pictures, videos, notes and other glittery things may appear here as the semester progresses.

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21 ~ Intro / EE 1 (555 blinky LEDs) Slides
28 ~ NYC Maker Faire

5 ~ EE 2
12 ~ CAD Modeling 1 (Solidworks)
19 ~ CAD Modeling 2
~~then we build an Arduino clone from the ground up~~
26 ~ PCB Layout & Routing 1 (Eagle) Slides

2 ~ PCB 2 Slides, Schematic, Board
9 ~ Board production (sourcing components, ordering, etching)
16 ~  Circuit Modeling (LTspice)
23 ~ Thanksgiving
30 ~ Surface-mount Soldering

7 ~ Microcontroller Programming (blinky LEDs)
14 ~ MITERS End of Every Term Showcase (MEETERS)
21 ~ Finals Week


  • How much does it cost?
    Nothing for MIT undergrads. We'll have supplies for up to twenty people, perhaps more if we see lots of people RSVP. If there's no supplies you're still welcome to come and listen.
  • Will there be food and drinks?
    Hopefully. Feel free to bring some, it will make Nancy happy. Especially fresh fruits. I hear there are lots of apples right now.
  • Do I need to know EE / meche / have built things?
    No, the whole point is to democratize the acquisition of the building blocks of building things, in line with our grand vision of encouraging awesome projects.
  • What is your ulterior motive?
    We want more seedlings at MITERS. A seedling a day keeps the cynicism away.
  • What if I can't make all the seminars?
    Note what conflicts you have and we'll try to figure something out. Add yourself to the mailing list and we'll update you all. We'll try to videotape most of the seminars, you can certainly come by any seminar you want, and idk we'll figure it out as we go along.
  • Oh hexapod army why are there two forms
    idk what i am doing. just fill them BOTH out and in the future we'll do something different for RSVPs, probably email out a form to miters-f12seminar instead of a stupid embedded google doc form or something.
  • How do I install solidworks
    Matthew weights in: "Go here: (requires certificates)."
  • How do I install solidworks on a MAC
    Shane weighs in: "SolidWorks does not have Mac version, but if you want you can run it in a Windows partition (through dual-boot or VM). installWolidsorksonMac.pdf is a guide I got for setting up a dual-boot partition. I'm a Windows user so I haven't tried it myself, but it's what we give out as a guide in 2.007. Windows 7 is available from IS&T. Once it's set up, you can follow the normal SW install instruction."

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Email the miters-keyholders mailing list, which goes out to around twenty keyholders, or email any of the officers (see  individually.


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