Shop Status

Our door status bot above indicates if the door is open, refresh the page to see! To find out who’s in the shop and how long they will be there, call us at (617) 253-2060.  Want to join the discord? Visit us at N52 first!

Equipment Status

Stratasys uPrint: Currently down with extruder issues.

Dyna Myte CNC Mill: There have been a couple incidents of the mill dropping tools, but only during some other fault state (crashed tool, loose part). Further investigation is required; in the meantime use caution.

Dynaload: Load (+) shorts to earth ground when load is enabled; as this only affects the testing of non-isolated power sources it is unlikely to ever be fixed. At low voltages and high currents (predominantly, on the 10V/120A setting), the ‘power’ display may be incorrect, but voltage and current are displayed correctly.

Fluke Scopemeter 199: Channel B is dead; will not ever be fixed as the channels are built out of Fluke ASICs.