Shop Status


Our door status twitter bot indicates if the door is open – to find out who’s in the shop and how long they will be there, call us at (617) 253-2060.

Equipment Status

Stratasys uPrint: Currently down with extruder issues.

Dyna Myte CNC Mill: There have been a couple incidents of the mill dropping tools, but only during some other fault state (crashed tool, loose part). Further investigation is required; in the meantime use caution.

Dynaload: Load (+) shorts to earth ground when load is enabled; as this only affects the testing of non-isolated power sources it is unlikely to ever be fixed. At low voltages and high currents (predominantly, on the 10V/120A setting), the ‘power’ display may be incorrect, but voltage and current are displayed correctly.

Fluke Scopemeter 199: Channel B is dead; will not ever be fixed as the channels are built out of Fluke ASICs.